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Saturday Mornings

Woke up to cloudy skies today. My favorite type of weather, it makes me nostalgic for similar days in the past.

Like the day we went to get breakfast in the 99 ranch plaza, and it started to rain.

I never even realized how much I love cold days until I moved to LA. Something about them is a little bit mystical and magical, like there’s something hidden behind all of the clouds in the sky.

It also makes me feel really warm in comparison to the cold temperature surrounding me, and for some reason, being able to feel my own body warmth is extremely comforting to me.

It’s something about these types of days, where you’ve accidentally woken up early but can’t go back to sleep, where you can’t see the sun through the thick blanket of gray clouds, where you can acutely sense how alive you are, that bring me a sense of extraordinary peace.

That being said, I want to go outside now and take a walk!

These mornings are so rare, my last one was ages ago when I woke up early on a cold Saturday morning and ended up watching most of “Because this is My First Life” (they still have THE BEST/BEST-ACTED ENDING EPISODE IN KDRAMA HISTORY‼️) which is one of the few good memories I have of my junior academic year.

This summer, I’m setting my mind to reclaiming myself, and not letting the negative things define me. I will not let anyone else’s negativity affect my own pursuit of happiness.

So let’s not waste any more time, and let’s become the best version of ourselves that we can be!!

Our time, start flowing now!

With love,


A photo of that fateful morning where I wrote this!


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