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Photo Series: Soul Cleanse

I am and will always be a shower person. But I really wanted to try the milk bath photoshoot, so I cleaned out my mom's tub for this one. As I was cleaning, I took some time to reflect on what the act of cleansing really meant to me.


For me, I have different types of showers: showers I take when I actually need them, showers I take for fun, showers I take when I feel sad (these are usually the hour-long ones), and showers for when I need to clear my mind. Recently, showers have become a way to hit the reset button when I come short and don't succeed in something. Just standing there under the running water with the faint sound of music floating out of my phone a couple feet away, I can almost feel the stress leaving me and floating away with the steam.


Maybe these photos seem to be sad at first glance, but that's not how I wanted to make them. On the contrary, I wanted to show the process of soul cleansing, and a burden being lifted from one's shoulders through something as simple as a bath. 

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