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The state that nursed us grew their 

babies alongside 


Its huge maples and seeping lakes. 



Grew like patches, thick lines running 

Up and down and across, reaching. And 


Twisting and morphing and branching 


Into leaves, 

precious soft green 


And delicate enough to be swept away, 




Like spindle fibers the tides of the skies 

Rose up 

Against us, pulling 

whirly birds and 

Helicopters descending

So fast, so light so far far away, 




And though we only come 

From the cell factory of lakes and land and 

Maple trees, 


We’ll look back through the stretch of gray 

And see once more that lonely 


State, and that oblivious 

State of mind, 

And in some ways think


Fonder of thee. 

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One night in a room

There he stood, so perfect, across the room from me, in his stupid sweater and stupid shorts and smiling his stupid perfect smile. Ugh, all of it just makes me angrier. And then he slowly put his little red solo cup down and made his way toward me, still smiling. What was he trying to do? 


I stood my ground, but I could feel the air changing. Maybe half of the people just decided to leave. My head started doing little laps until all my thoughts were jumbled and he was too close for comfort. 

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