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Girl, unhinged

Girl, unhinged


A wild child 


Staring through mirrors and dancing over stars. 


The way she walks, precious indents in the wet concrete


Each stepping stone breathes life, little rubies and pearls springing like sprouts in a trail. 


How carefree, how convinced, 


The way she walks, clearing seas with no more than a step. 



Girl, underestimated 


People don’t bother to turn an eye


Others don’t often bring up her name. 


Girl, unfazed


What could bring such sureness in her step? What could warrant such joy upon her lips?  


She delivers her answer: Because she made a choice. 


Girl, unnerving. 


She chose herself, she chose to blaze her own path. She chose to listen to the melody that plays from within her heart, even when it guided her away from the crowd.  




She waves a hand at me from across rushing waters, away from the rearing crowd of shouts and screeches.  


The world spins, and time stops as step by step, I walk until I’m right there next to her. 


I look at her again,
And it feels like the first time

That I’ve ever seen her. 


She says: take my hand.




The one that lives inside my heart. 


The one that reminds me that I am worth it, that I am worth everything precious and more. 

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The great dragon comes down from the sky

I miss the little room 

That sat between me and her because 


Now that it’s gone, I cannot remember 

How it ever existed. 


She’s here all the time now, my new permanent roommate.

She painted the walls black and blue with her bare hands.

And then she becomes a part of me.

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