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Earth Angel

Her lips part softly, no sound 


Just bubbles floating

over her shoulder 


Iridescent reflections rippling out the window through the thin rows of shrubbery up to the sky. 

He surveys her, bare shoulders and bangs shrouded figure from afar

Sweet fruit of shy passion 


And heavenly liberation. 


Oh, in those familiar crescent eyes 


His body wanes, arc of light clear and sharp as crystal, colors flying he’s pulled up to the 



Oh, mouth of the devil herself

But she doesn’t speak, 

She says

Words wrap us up and entangle and trap and choke us hanging from the suspended metal framework


He says

Yours seep into my brain like radioactive chemicals, clearing and damaging and exploding it leaving no space for the vocabulary list written on the board. flickering           sparks from the LED strips burning the           ends of my shoelaces. That’s why I couldn’t look at you when you said hi this morning. 


Oh, thin, tapering fingers splayed over thin college ruled paper

He lets himself wander             wondering               wishing 


Aching for those fingers, for those warm hands cupped, perhaps around his own cheek. Pale and cold, it 

aches too for the blooming rose she brings. 


She is the figure he sees through his telescope every night 

She lies with him in his twin bed, closing his eyelids with a puckered lip 

She waits for him at the end of the dark orb within the fifth dimension

She pulls him up from under his pillowcase, beaming, glowing

She sits in Spanish, without a word looking at the infinite sky through the muddled glass. 


Earth angel, 

Will you ever look my way?

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The great dragon comes down from the sky

I miss the little room 

That sat between me and her because 


Now that it’s gone, I cannot remember 

How it ever existed. 


She’s here all the time now, my new permanent roommate.

She painted the walls black and blue with her bare hands.

And then she becomes a part of me.

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