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Comedy Sketches


"Wow. You guys just never want a boy going through a hard time to feel a singular ounce of happiness, do you? You just want me to wither away, waving through a window, like a poor little plant without enough sunlight. What happened to you will be found?!" 


"And it was you that killed the young heir to the dark alliance throne, and left my family disgraced. 


And for my people, and for my honor, may you rot in the cages of hell, and your blood flow down the river Styx for all to see as my father’s did."


"Look at me now: I work for the Church of Scientology. Maybe that’s why hollywood doesn’t love me anymore. Maybe that’s why I’ll never be able to land another role. At least I get paid, but it’s far from enough. I once went a week without getting new baby wipes."

+ here's some more!

Join Millie on her journey through life in a series of short free-verse style poetry outtakes scribbled out on sticky notes, scrap paper, or typed out in her notes app. 

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