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Hi! I’m Millie,

a 17 year old artist, actress, influencer, and lover of life. 

I am a current senior at LA County High School for the Arts, a proud ABC (American-born-Chinese), and a hopeless romantic for life and its many facades. I enjoy going on hikes, eating ramen, reading Thomas Hardy’s poetry, and watching anime. I have dreams to study Chinese culture and performance studies, further my career in acting, and create legislation to make arts education more accessible. 

You might know me from: 

Brat TV's "Charmers"
Instagram // TikTok

I Created With Love Millie to share my stories with you!

I hope to create a safe space here to share my stories, chart my growth, and be wholeheartedly, fearlessly my best self for you guys. You can read more about why I started With Love Millie in my first blog post here


We have the potential to be powerful

through learning more and more about who we are.


I have decided to embark on the long and arduous but rewarding journey to find myself, whether that be through reflection, writing, observation or learning from my environment and those around me. And through each trial that life throws at me, I hope that you'll be there at my side to experience it alongside me! 

If you're in for the ride, let's go together! And as always, 


With Love,


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