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A collection of memories, thoughts, trinkets and all things beautiful and cherished in a very big world.

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Featured Writing & Gallery Piece: Lychee Princess

For your fair skin, your sweet flesh, is not for yourself, but for a forefather who would like to enjoy you on an exotic trip in summer’s day, and you are to do nothing just like the lychee that sits atop your head. 

Dear Millie Airplane vers. 2021

"But throughout it all, I have still been me, and just me.
The bits and pieces I am composed of still make me naive, at times insecure, extroverted, hopelessly romantic, and determined to make my own way in this world.
And that, I am sure, is the best thing I could ask for."

An excerpt from Dear Millie, Airplane vers. 2021 . 

New Series: Comedy Sketches

Quiet, plebeian. He was ran over by a mountainish beast, going at the speed of light. 


And you. You were inside of that beast! You were controlling its mind.


And it was you that killed the young heir to the dark alliance throne, and left my family disgraced. 


And for my people, and for my honor, may you rot in the cages of hell, and your blood flow down the river Styx for all to see as my father’s did. 


Interview Series

A series following young dreamers on their journey to make their own way in the world, and defying all of society's boundaries to become the upcoming generation's leaders.

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